The Art of Crafting a Pitch that Works

Everyone says that good PR and good content marketing are all about relationships. That’s great, but what happens when you don’t have any?

You’re not out of luck. Major features from top-tier publishers, articles on niche blogs, and endorsements from social influencers are all within reach — even if you’re a nobody — as long as you can write a good pitch.

Define Your Value Proposition

One of the best places to start is by defining your value proposition.

In product marketing and conversion […]

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33 Links & How To Get Them

Transparency is something we don’t get enough of in SEO. Through hundreds of posts of strategy, theory, tools, and tactics, it’s not too often that we talk about real examples. Some of the best content at Mozcon this year were presentations that shared real examples of scrappy SEO projects.

My hope is to do something a little bit different. I’ve written philosophically about how to get links, but let’s talk about some real links, and how they were acquired.


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18 Tools to Speed Up Link Building

Link building is full of time consuming, repetitive tasks. I’ve written once before about humanistic scaling, which works great as a strategic approach to link building, but ultimately, there will always be a degree of heavy lifting that requires someone to sit down and work through a bunch of repetitive tasks. This includes tasks like advanced searches, prospecting, contact detail discovery, following up with content writers, sending emails, reminding yourself to follow up, and copying information from tool to tool or source to tool with no streamlined workflow.

I’d like to share some useful tools that can help you scale these tasks (some of them I use all the time, others I’ve poke around with at times, and others are just cool and useful when needed).


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