We Help Creators Get Discovered

We promote compelling content through search.

What We Do

Video Production

Lights, camera, marketing. From pre-production through editing, we love telling visual stories.

YouTube Strategy

From best practices to programming, we'll get your videos discovered and grow watch time.

Content Marketing

The only thing we despise more than bad content is good content that's hard to find.


Data is central to everything we do, which is good, because we have an unhealthy love for Excel.


Everything you want from search, without everything you hate about SEOs.


Want to geek out in a conference room with us all day about everything digital marketing?

Justin Briggs Speaking

We produce video content for modern, online audiences

We’ll help you produce and promote video content that resonates with social audiences. Whether you’re looking to grow your channel or build your brand, we can help you get in front of the people that matter.

Our Team

Justin Briggs

Justin Briggs

Justin has a knack for solving problems and developing strategies that persuade leadership. With a background in engineering and film, he oversees strategy, technical SEO, and video.

Stephanie Briggs

Stephanie Briggs

Stephanie has an uncanny ability to see the opportunities that everyone misses. With a background in market research, she oversees content strategy, analytics, and promotion.

What We Believe

We’re Invested: You’ll have our attention. We only work with a small number of clients.

Expertise: You’ll work directly with us. We don’t hand off work to account managers or junior employees. We strive to maintain high-quality, consistent work you can stand behind.

We "Give a Shit": This isn’t hyperbole. We genuinely care about your success (for your business and for you, personally). We’ll jump in the trenches with you to fight those fires.

The Extra 10%: The phrase “did we give it the extra 10%?” is thrown around a lot at Briggsby. We believe in pausing once we’ve put something together to actively seek ways we can make it even better.

Fastest Path to Value: We believe every program can only pursue a handful of opportunities each year. We focus heavily on those with the highest returns, while minimizing distractions.

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