A Little About Us

Meet the Team

We’re a small team and we like it that way.

We’re a husband and wife consulting team with over 15 years of combined digital marketing experience.

Our Backgrounds

Justin Briggs

Justin has been recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and effective technical SEOs in the industry. He balances that with a passion for and education in film.

Stephanie Briggs

With a Master’s in Market Research from Boston University and years running highly successful content & digital PR campaigns, Stephanie has both the pedigree and experience. She’s also wicked good with numbers.

What We Believe

We’re Invested – You’ll have our attention. We never exceed 3 clients per employee and average much less than that.

Expertise – You’ll work directly with senior consultants. We don’t hand off work to account managers or junior employees. We strive to maintain high-quality, consistent work you can stand behind.

Give a Shit – This isn’t hyperbole. We genuinely care about your success (for your business and for you, personally). We’ll jump in the trenches with you to fight those fires.

The Extra 10% – The phrase “did we give it the extra 10%” is thrown around a lot at Briggsby. We believe in pausing once we’ve put something together to actively seek ways we could make it just a little bit better.

Fastest Path to Value – We believe every program can only pursue a handful of opportunities each year. We focus heavily on those with the highest returns, while minimizing distractions.